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Tre's SWA 2

Page history last edited by Tre'Lon Hunt 8 years, 8 months ago

     Chapter Two of the textbook, “Overview of the Reader-Centered Communication Process: Obtaining a Job”, provided numerous helpful tips. There were a few that stand out to me because they provide an alternate perspective than the one I’ve had while developing my résumé. When Anderson stated, “The more specifically you know what qualifications your reader is looking for, the better prepared you will be to write a résumé that achieves these reader-centered objectives” (Anderson, 24), I immediately directed my attention to this statement. I had to wonder if when I submitted résumés, were they at all reader-centered?


     Other tips that Anderson gave was to be specific when stating facts on résumés. Many parts of my résumé contains short specific details but could still be improved even further with the help of the tips that Anderson provided. I will especially direct this tip toward the facts about my education in my résumé.


     Finding jobs for Project 1 has presented challenges because the job requirements for my field of work usually require at least a bachelor’s degree and a few years of specific professional experience of which I lack. These jobs are my only option but I’m unsure as to how I could appeal to the employers with my current credentials.


     The jobs I found in my field are very interesting jobs that I might apply for in the future when I qualify. One job is Project Engineer at a company called SGS and the other is CNC Technician at URS. I plan to research and analyze these two jobs by looking deeply into what the main goals of these companies are as well as focusing on the job expectations and requirements.


     I hope to be able to keep my résumé short and highlighted. I will also try focus on design and use of whitespace to make my résumé more appealing to readers. I will develop my résumé in to an experiential résumé because it provides more heading options for me to put information in. I can say a lot more about myself and my experiences than I could about my job history for I have always been a full time college student.


     I will highlight many of my academic experiences in my résumé. The most prominent subject that I think will display my skill on this section of my résumé will be my engineering courses. I’ve gained a considerable amount of experience in these courses. Specific courses that I think will stand out are 2D/3D CAD, Manufacturing Processes, and Process Engineering.


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