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Professor Grogan,


            I’ve been informed that to take this class, I need to send you an application email. I implore you to let me enter you class. Being an engineering major and then hopefully a business major, being able to write in a technical manner will be extremely useful when applying for jobs and in the job itself. As an engineer, I can imagine a decent amount of time will be spent writing reports, research papers, and other technical documents. Being in this class will help me to polish one of the many facets it takes to become an engineer, and prepare for the coming years hard work that they face. That being said, I feel I have much to offer the class this semester.

            During my years in high school, I spent a good amount of my time doing research and writing research papers. This was because I went to a secondary high school for advanced math, science and technology courses on top of my normal high school that I attended. Every year to successfully move onto the next year of schooling, it was required that students complete a research project in their respective science class, write a paper on their findings, and then present it to a group of peers and instructors. Because of the research intensive curriculum, I feel like I have been given a firm grasp on technical writing. With this knowledge I feel like I will be able to do well in your course. By being accustomed to technical writing already, I feel that I will be able to help and contribute to class more than a normal class because this isn’t a completely new subject to me. Despite having a decent grasp on technical writing, there are a few things that I could be better at.

            Being from a highly intensive research school (MMSTC), I feel as if all I’ve ever done is report and write about research that we conducted while there. Lab write-ups, calculus essays, and statistical reports were the bread and butter of that place. With that in mind, I would say a particular strength of mine would be being able to take raw data from testing and transferring it into a cohesive paper that can then be presented to an audience. Being able to represent your findings to the community in various ways was very important to the instructors there. Although I was good at interpreting the data, a process that always stumped me in writing was where to begin. I could always figure out the ending and the middle parts perfectly, but writing a good introduction was always the hardest part for me. With your help, I aim to change this flaw and hopefully become better in the area of technical writing.

            Now that you know a little bit more about me, I hope that you will consider allowing me to take your class. Along with this being a prerequisite class for me to graduate and further my education, I hope that it will help me to improve upon my areas of weakness and solidify my strengths in writing. I thoroughly look forward to working with you in the classroom.


Patrick Osantowske


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