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Page history last edited by Albert Shiral 9 years, 1 month ago

Hello Doctor Grogan,

I am interested in your technical communication course and believe you’re the instructor that will help me attain the skills necessary for my career path. Unfortunately, I was not able to register because this course requires instructor permission to do so.  

My major is computer science and technical communication/writing is a skill I must attain to be more marketable in this domain. Without this skill, I won’t be able to properly document, communicate and convey technical information to individuals outside the company or within the company.  Any flaw in technical communication will add less value to my work, and I’m aware that it is essential that my work requires a manual or set of instructions.

I have multiple weaknesses in writing/communication that I’m willing to work on which include:

•        Voice and tone.  
•        Grammar (I was raised in Polish and I did not pay close attention to grammar and structure growing up so there’s going to be some blemishes in my English grammar. I want more confidence and awareness in my errors.)  
•        Technical communication is an area that I have no experience in, and it’s important that I learn about this topic constantly and improve on it throughout my life.   
•        My weakest point is oral presentations. I have difficulty in public speaking and the fact that I’m incredibly introverted hurts me in this skill.  

I have much to offer to this class.  I will take every project/assignment you have and treat it with importance equivalent to that of workplace tasks.  I am open to harsh criticism and I’m not easily offended, so any criticism and advice for improvement will be cherished so I can be aware of where I’m at in my writing/communication skills.  I will give this class my best possible effort not because it’s required for my curriculum, but because I need the knowledge necessary for life and future workplaces.

If it’s possible, please allow me access into this course.  

Albert Shiral, Student
Wayne State University
Mobile: +1 (586) 382-8793

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