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Steve's Better Letter Page

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To: Jared Grogan

From: Steven Dietrich

Subject: Permission for entry into ENG 3050




Dear Prof. Grogan,


I request permission to partake in class ENG 3050.


As I pursue my goal of being a physical therapist, I must complete this required course, but I cannot unless I have your consent. As I shadowed my field, I have learned a great deal of the reading and writing that comes with the job.

  •          Recording patients’ conditions and relaying this information to others
  •          Creating patient forms that keeps the patients’ attention


This has not been my first English class, nor could it be my last. I am already familiar with researching and writing in my discourse community, thanks to other English classes I have passed, such as, ENG 1020 and ENG 3010. Although I am comfortable with writing alone, I’ve yet to write in teams. This class could give me the advantage I need for my field.


Should I be given the chance, I will not slow this class down. I seek to apply my other English-related experiences, public speaking classes and debate classes, into my work to give a natural, but complex writing that delivers my research in a way that welcomes all audiences and keeps the attention of the specific audience.


Thank you for your time Professor and have a nice day.

Steven Dietrich



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