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Vittoria Veltri

Page history last edited by Vittoria Veltri 7 years, 11 months ago


Application E-mail


I am extremely interested in your course ENG 3050: Technical Communication 1 and hope you will consider allowing me to register for this class during the 2015 winter term.


The material covered in this course will help me immensely with my career goals of becoming a civil engineer and a potential entrepreneur interested in real estate investing. Click Here to View Entire E-mail


[Untitled photograph of hands typing a paper on a laptop]. Retrieved January 15, 2015, fromhttp://restoringpangea.com/tips-for-occasional-writers-from-storylineblog-restoring-pangea/


Links For Class Work


Class Syllabus


Four Main Projects

    • Project 1:
      • Resumé,
      • Cover Letter
      • Professional Website (includes a digital resumé, cover letter and portfolio)  


    • Project 2
      • Technical Instructions 
      • User Test Memos 


    • Project 3:
      • Collaborative Research plan
      • Technical Report



Class Assignments 




Group Work


Short Writing Assignments 


Project 1 Assignments:






Project 2 Assignments:

Project 2 Ideas

  1. How to Find an Engineering Internship 
  2. How to Write a Cover Letter for an Engineering Job
  3. How to Make Cold Press Coffee 



Vittoria's Completed Project 2 


Project 3 Assignments


Project 4 Assignments





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