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Mariela's Course Request E-mail

Page history last edited by Mariela Sanchez 9 years, 4 months ago

Dear Dr. Grogan,

I strongly request permission to register for ENG 3050.

After reading the Department of English Course Description for ENG 3050, I have come to a conclusion that I desire to take your course. The course offers the opportunity to combine many aspects of the English subject including reading, researching, writing, and designing technical documents. This course has these main components that are relevant to my career goals as I wish to pursue a Psychology degree with plans to attend graduate school after. As a psychology major, I am required to have strong foundations in the following areas.

•        Outstanding reading skills to analyze readings and articles related to the subject matter.
•        Strong writing skills to compose a research project proposal.
•        Exposure to research strategies and tools to complete project proposals.
•        Technical document design skills to produce presentations for research conferences.

As a developing college student, I have my strengths and weaknesses in writing. My strengths include great ability to use research databases for writing composition, ability to stay on topic consistently, and good transition techniques to keep a smooth flow in writing projects. On the other hand, my weaknesses include a moderate level of vocabulary that needs to get expanded, finding an appropriate, creative way to format a document, and know the appropriate way to cite multiple sources according to the style of the writing composition.

Being granted permission to take this course will allow me to offer ideas for research topics for projects and will allow me to share my knowledge with my peers, from my area of study, when needed.

Hope you take my request into consideration.

Mariela Sanchez
Psychology Undergraduate Researcher
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI 48202

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