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Here is the start of my application e-mail to this course.


I urge you to permit my admittance into English 3050 for the Winter 2015 semester.
This course is crucial to both my career and educational goals.


To continue reading this e-mail please see link below.

Doug Application Email.






In this course there are many different topics we will discuss, and these topics are spread over the semester.

To get a better idea of the topics we will go over, and the time frame in which we will address them, please see

our course Syllabus. This will also include all methods of correspondence to our professor.



  • Project 1: Resume, Cover Letter, and Professional Website.
  • Project 2: Technical Instructions (Wiki-How) and User Test Memos (both can be collaborative).
  • Project 3: Two-Component Report: Collaborative Research Plan and Technical Report.
  • Project 4: Performance Review Memo


In addition to the four main projects we will periodically be responsible for Short Writing Assignments (SWA) and Group Works (GW).

To see the details regarding these smaller assignments please click here.









Technical Communication. Retrieved January 15, 2015. From http://www.technical-writer.org.





See links below for completed assignments.


Group Work


Short Writing Assignments (SWA's)


Project 1



Project 2




My Professional Website










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