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User Test Memo Phase 2, Composition

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User Test Memo Stage 2 - Composing

Introduction / Rationale:


In the workplace, user test reports are often presented in memo form. Using the data you collected in the earlier stage of this project, compose a User Test Memo of approximately 2-3 pages, and append your data collection artifacts.



Assignment Prompt:


Analyze your user test data, and compose a 2-3 page memo per the following guidelines.


Format.  Your user report should be written in memo format.   Your memo should follow the organization of an empirical report of your user test , with an introduction, objectives, method, results/discussion, and conclusion.  Each section should be organized to move from general statements to specific descriptions and details; this maintains a descending order of priority throughout.  Your sections of the memo/report might look like this:


  • Introduction.  Remind your readers of the topic and target audience of the technical instructions you are testing.

  • Objectives.  Identify the objectives of your user test.  

  • Method.  Describe your test readers and why you chose them.  Describe the type of user test you designed as well as your procedure and instrument for gathering information from your readers.  Remember that the purpose of the method section is to persuade your readers that you have carefully and effectively tested your set of instructions; therefore, the more thorough and detailed your method section, the more persuasive it will be.

  • Results and Discussion.  Report the results your test produced.  Be quite specific in this section.  This will be the most lengthy and detailed section of the memo/report and should contain such information as where your testers had difficulties and what your testers said about the instructions.

  • Conclusion.  Tell what you learned overall from your test and indicate the specific revisions you will make as a result of what you learned.


Supporting texts. Anderson, Chapter 16, 383-385, pp. 288-290, and pp. 535-536


Learning Objective:


You will be able to report test findings in professional memo format.


Minimum Requirements:


  • One memorandum of 2-3 pages, plus appended user test data.


Due Date:  Week 7: Friday Anytime



User Test Memo Stage 2 - ENG 3050 Rubric



General Description

Assignment Specific


Audience & Purpose

How well did you analyze the likely audiences for this communication? How well did you tailor this communication to that audience?

Is your document useful and persuasive for these intended audiences?

Do you address the reader as you would a decision maker or future co-author?

Does this document provide an actionable set of conclusions about revising your site?



How thoroughly did you investigate the subject(s) of this composition?  

Did you select an appropriate and ethical research method?

Do you show the results of that research in this text?

Did you incorporate the findings of your data collection artifacts into your report?

Did you interpret the results of your usability test well for your readers?


Content & Organization

Does your content support your claim / purpose, and is it usable for your audiences?

Do you employ the appropriate superstructure for this audience and purpose?

Do you employ standard forms of technical organization (i.e., moving from general to particular, writing in a descending order of priority)?

Do you present you effectively introduce your memo?


Do you present your method (procedure and script, and facilitation process) in sufficient detail?


Do you present the data/resultes in a well-organized report/memo?  


Do you discuss the results/data as significant findings and draw meaningful conclusions?


Format & Design

Is this document usable, attractive, and easy to navigate?

Do you make effective and persuasive use of relevant visuals and graphics (labels, captions, color choice, etc.)?

Do you make effective and persuasive use of page design (e.g. white space, quadranting, headers, etc.)?

Does this document follow the normal memo conventions as described in your text?


Do you include at least one image of graphic?


Grammar & Style

Do you write in an effective and efficient technical prose style (e.g. spelling, grammar, concision, tone, accuracy, etc.)?

Is the memo edited for concision and proofread?



Points Possible


Total Score




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