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Class Roster

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This is the place where we list our names (or what ever nickname/wiki-handle want to go by on our wiki).  You can edit this (or any) page. One of our first small assignments will be to m
ake your name into into a link to a new page and workspace (for example see how I, Jared Grogan, become The Truthitician below). 


NameStudent IDE-MailAccess ID
Aman, Aman   eg2040@wayne.edu  
Audisho, Andrew Ankedo 004323675 fe3646@wayne.edu fe3646
Azar, Kevin 004420057 fn7900@wayne.edu fn7900
Bez, Franklin C 004451405 fq8716@wayne.edu fq8716
Brown, Conor 004087887 eh2394@wayne.edu eh2394
Chaney, Josiah T 004390297 fk8816@wayne.edu fk8816
Cody, Tiarra 004353630 fh2857@wayne.edu fh2857
Dietrich, Steven Michael 004278024 ez9030@wayne.edu ez9030
Dunne, Michael James 000257943 br8398@wayne.edu br8398
Ejiogu Adure 004315537  fd5708@wayne.edu  fd5708
Grogan, Jared (The Truthitician)   jaredgrogan@wayne.edu  
Holcomb, Michael John 004423251 fo1005@wayne.edu fo1005
Holloway, Calvin Willis 004456373 fr3571@wayne.edu fr3571
Hunt, Tre'Lon   fr6197@wayne.edu fr6197
Husseini, Ali Samy 004428448 fo6132@wayne.edu fo6132
Kable, Matthew Steven 004470814 fs7648@wayne.edu fs7648
Kahlon, Kiratdeep S 004224492 eu6435@wayne.edu eu6435
Kaptanowsky, Erik W 004346593 fg6012@wayne.edu fg6012
Orozco, Jacqueline 004440329 fp7850@wayne.edu fp7850
Osantowske, Patrick Alexander 004437482 fp5026@wayne.edu fp5026
Pierce, Owen K 004233793 ev5638@wayne.edu ev5638
Puninske, Benjamin R 004242571 ew4208@wayne.edu ew4208
Sanchez, Mariela 004352315 fh1588@wayne.edu fh1588
Shahit, Amer M 004226735 eu8660@wayne.edu eu8660
Sheldon, Douglas S 003890472 cj2240@wayne.edu cj2240
Shiral, Albert J 003978996 dw8434@wayne.edu dw8434
Snayyan, Malik    fp9790@wayne.edu fp9790
Thai, Ryan 003860866 az7966@wayne.edu az7966
Veltri, Vittoria Norina 004352542 fh1811@wayne.edu fh1811



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